Rules of stay
Accommodation with tents is made from 8 am to 8 pm.
Check-in to the hotel rooms of the hotel rooms, caravan trailers and small wood houses at 2 pm, check-out at 12 am
Upon arrival at the campsite, the guest must have an identity card with him.
Upon arrival at the campsite, please check in. When leaving the campsite, register your departure.
Silence rule

Silence is observed in our campsite. The use of music speakers is not allowed during the whole time of the day. Instead, we recommend listening to the birdsong, the rustle of leaves and the breeze.

Lighting a fire
Lighting a fire on camping grounds is allowed only in designated areas.
Maintain cleanliness in the campsite and in common areas. Collect waste in bags and discard only in special containers.
Camping property
The property located on the campsite is the responsibility of the guest. The guest who caused the damage is liable for its compensation.

We do not allow smoking in tents, hotel rooms, caravan trailers, small wood houses and common areas (kitchen, toilets, showers). Smoking is allowed in a designated area only.

We can not drink strong alcoholic beverages (40 degrees and above).
Alcohol is harmful to your health.
Accommodation with pets on the campsite must be agreed in advance. Vacationers are required to independently control the behavior of animals brought with them and remove their waste products. Keep dogs on a leash for the peace of mind of others.